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Land Clearing Services

Mountain Cedar Removal - FREE

Haynes Cedar Company also does land clearing. If there is enough cedar on your property that is commercially viable to us, we will harvest the cedar at no cost to you.

We use chain saws and cut the stumps as close to the ground as possible. Clearing the cedar by hand with chain-saws causes minimal damage to your land without leaving unsightly holes in the ground frequently caused by bullodozers pushing the cedar. When equipment is needed, we use rubber tired machinery.

We will not go through your land and simply pick and choose specific trees to cut. Haynes Cedar Company works with the landowner to determine blocks of cedar that are commercially viable and then cuts all the cedar in that block, including the brush. The debris, crowns and limbs will be left on the ground for landowner’s disposal.

Land Clearing Services - reasonable fees

Haynes Cedar Company will also do more extensive land clearing including stacking of debris on a case by case basis for a reasonable fee worked out with the landowner.

Want to maintain areas as game sanctuaries or game trails? We can work with the landowner to create these. Want to create a beautiful and peaceful park like landscape? Let Haynes Cedar Company work with you to design around special trees to create a pleasing and peaceful environment.

Mulching Services

While Haynes Cedar Company does not currently offer mulching services we work hand-in-hand with companies who do. If you want the cedar mulched, talk with us about taking out the bulk of the cedar before mulching.

Haynes Cedar Company - more than just cedar fence posts . . .

Land Clearing - from small acreage to 100's of acres!

Call us at 512-492-2032 to find out more about our land clearing services. Or email us at info@haynescedarcompany.com with a phone number and a good time to call you to discuss your land clearing needs!

Land owners, call us about your brush clearing and cedar control needs.

We have worked with many happy landowners over the years!

Haynes Cedar Company
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We Accept CASH or CHECKS Only
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