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Texas Mountain Cedar Fence Posts | Haynes Cedar Yard - Johnson City, Texas

Cedar Fence Posts - Haynes Cedar Yard - Johnson City, Texas

Haynes Cedar Company specializing in Texas Mountain Cedar fence posts ranging in size from 5' stays to 16' posts including corner and entrance posts! Please call or email for prices. We don't publish our price list, but will be happy to provide you with prices for specific sizes.

Cedar Stays:

#1 Stays: 5' x 1-1/2"-2-1/2" straight
#2 Stays: 5' x 1-1/2"-2" with a slight bow/crook (economical)
6' stays: 6' x 1-1/2"-2-1/2" (difficult to get)

Please note: the dimension for the diameter shown above is for the small end of the stay. The bottom will always be larger than the top. Sizes of stays will vary from stay to stay. Some will be larger and some will be smaller. This is a natural product cut on various ranches under different growing conditions. No two stays will be exactly alike. Please see more about "How we grade our posts" below. We are very conscientious grading our cedar, but there will be size variances, especially with small stays. Thank you for taking this into consideration when choosing cedar products.

Cedar Fence posts: (priced by length and diameter)

7' long cedar fence posts (straight/yard posts) priced by length and diameter
7' x 2"
7' x 3"
7' x 4"
7' x 5"
7' x 6"

7' long cedar fence posts (wire/crooks)
4" diameter (these posts are great for cross-fencing, more economical than the straight/yard posts, but still good quality). Sometime we also have 5" or 6" available - posts are priced by the length and diameter.

8' long cedar fence posts and corner posts priced by length and diameter
2" - 10" inch diameter
8' x 2"
8' x 3"
8' x 4"
8' x 5"
8' x 6"
8' x 7"-8" corner posts
8' x 10"

9' x 7"-8" corner posts priced by length and diameter
9' x 10"

10' long cedar fence posts and corner posts priced by length and diameter
3" - 10" inch diameter
10' x 3"
10' x 4"
10' x 5"
10' x 6"
10' x 7"-8" corner posts
10' x 10"

We also carry limited amounts of 12' - 20' posts for special projects, entrance posts, porch posts, arbors, etc.

Milling logs: Haynes Cedar Yard has a number of large cedar milling logs - need something, let us know! These are all unique items, PLEASE schedule to go through the milling logs.

How we grade our posts: Cedar posts are a natural product and therefore, not perfectly round. We determine the diameter of our cedar posts by measuring the circumference at the top (small end) of the cedar post and dividing that number by 3. A 5" diameter cedar post would measure 15" in circumference on the small end (15" divided by 3 = 5" diameter).

Cedar posts are also larger at the bottom than at the top. We strive to keep our posts similar in size from top to bottom, but the longer the post, the bigger that difference. There must be a strong foundation for a cedar tree to continue growing tall and straight!

When you are requesting prices, please specify length and diameter preferred.

The prices we quote you over the phone are for standard fence posts taken off the top of the piles as is. If you are looking for a few very special posts and want to pick them, we normally charge a premium for that - for the smaller posts it is usually double. We cannot allow picking through the piles for larger quantities of posts. We are very conscientious when grading our posts, but it is a natural product, cut by multiple cutters at various locations with different types of wood and growing conditions.

Where we cut our cedar: Most of our cedar posts come from a +/-60 mile radius, north, south and west of Johnson City, Texas. None of our cedar is cut east of IH35. We sell Texas Mountain Cedar, also called Mountain Juniper and Juniper Ash. This is the same kind of cedar you see in fences driving through the Texas Hill Country that may have been standing for 50 years!

18 wheeler load of cedar posts heading south - 7' x 4" wire posts

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We Accept CASH or CHECKS Only

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